Choosing a Domain Name

Your choice of domain name will affect how easily  your website will be found when searching the Internet. Therefore for good search rankings, choose a name which reflects what you do or what you offer. If you want people to find your website easily, think about what words they will be searching for when you are choosing your domain name.

For Corporate Branding

Companies usually register domains which reflect their company name such as: or Larger corporations will normally register Top Level Domains (TLDs) eg.  .com .net etc. as well as domains specific to each country. Each country has its own domain extension code. If you already have a corporate identity or a trading name which is well known, you may wish to register a domain which reflects that.

Domain Availability Checker

Use our Domain Checker to see what domain names are available. If you would like an alternative domain extension which is not listed such as .eu (Europe) .tv (Tuvalu) .fr (France) .es (Spain) etc.  Please contact us for a quote.