Terms of Service

We have made our terms and conditions easy to understand, but if there are any points you wish to have explained in more detail we will be pleased to assist. By ordering our services and each time you make a repeat or subsequent payment, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in force at the point when payment is made.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting packages. If you are unhappy with anything and wish to cancel, please let us know why and we will give a full refund and cancel your Website Hosting Package. This does not include Domain Registration Charges, nor does this include payment for additional or add-on services such as design and development fees, installation fees, and website management fees. These services are billed as separate items to your Website Hosting Package.


You are responsible for all scripts and data used or stored on your website hosting account(s). You must not use scripts, which interfere in any way with our systems or other accounts on our servers, cause harm to any computer system, or engage in any type of fraudulent activity. You must not attempt to access any software, system or user account on our systems for which you do not have privileges or rights to do so. The sending of bulk unsolicited email is prohibited. Any account found to be the misused may be suspended and investigated.

Adult Content

We allow content on our servers that is legal as defined by UK law and the law of your own country. However you must inform us before uploading any content, which may be deemed as ‘adult’ in nature or in any way unsuitable for a universal audience of all ages. In such cases where you wish to host adult content, we may host your site with a separate IP address to prevent IP blacklisting.

Illegal Content

Any content deemed to be illegal under UK law or the law of your own country is strictly forbidden and offending accounts may be suspended or terminated immediately at our discretion. We fully co-operate with authorities regarding any breach of law. Any accounts found to be abusive, contain illegal content or otherwise break our terms of service will be liable for immediate termination with no refund.

Service Level

We endeavour to provide a 99.99% service uptime, however this is not guaranteed.


It is your responsibility to ensure that payments to AC Internet and your billing account are kept up to date. Services may be suspended if invoices are not paid within 30 days. To avoid any interruption in service, we recommend that invoices are paid immediately. Your invoice will be sent to your registered email address but due to the nature of email it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive a copy of any email we send. Invoices left unpaid for more than 90 days, will result in your account being deleted

Over Usage

Over usage of your Web Space Quota or Bandwidth Limit may result in account suspension. We will normally upgrade your account for an additional fee if this were to happen. You agree to use our hosting services for the purpose of hosting websites only. Bulk processing or bulk mailing or other resource-intensive activity is not permitted without prior consent. We reserve the right to intervene to control activity on our servers to maintain the stability of our systems.

Cancellation and Refunds

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Website Hosting Packages. Once 30 days has elapsed from the point of order, we do not make refunds for any unused period or for unused services. The 30 day money-back guarantee does not apply to renewal of services. A breach of any of the terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of services with no refund. Set-up fees, design fees and any other pre-arranged development fees or fees for any other service are all non-refundable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Domain Registration

We will register a domain on your behalf and at you request with the registrar 123-reg.co.uk and change the domain nameservers to point to ours. You are responsible for all subsequent billing directly with the registrar. This means that you will always have ultimate control over your domains.


AC Internet cannot be held liable for any form of consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by use of our service, misuse of our service, downtime, service issues, data loss or any other event. Our liability will not exceed the total amount paid for the service. Our backups are intended as a convenience service and are not guaranteed or intended to replace your own backup procedures. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you have a backup of all your important data.

These Terms of Service and Conditions are valid for all services ordered or paid for after the date below and are valid for the duration of that service period only (normally 12 months).

Terms of Service – AC Internet – Valid 18/08/2014 (Version 0.0.2)