SEO Enables Your Website to Appear in Search Results

Search Engine Optimisation means that your website will be optimised to appear in search results. This is often overlooked until the website owner complains that their website cannot be found on the Internet.

SEO and How it Works

Search engines crawl the Internet collecting data from websites which are then displayed in search results. This includes the displayed, on-page content as well as content which is not displayed: the headers and other hidden content. We will optimise your website to give it the best possible chances of appearing high in search results. SEO is based on a number of key words and phrases.

But It’s a Competitive World

Some key words and phrases are widely used. This means that the more established websites will usually maintain the highest positions in search results. This can be overridden with an effective online marketing campaign using paid-for online advertising. This can boost your website traffic initially and by using a low level ongoing marketing campaign, your website will always be providing a steady flow of potential customers.